Merchant Cash Advance

Get the Capital You Need Fast With a Merchant Cash Advance

When you need cash to take advantage of short-term opportunities, it can be difficult to find lenders who operate on the time frame you need. That’s where your merchant account can be a useful asset. By taking out a merchant cash advance, you can leverage your future credit card sales to get money today. This lets you stock up on inventory, redecorate and hire any additional staff you need. That way, you will be ready to take advantage of those rare market opportunities.

How MCA’s Work

When you apply for this kind of cash advance, Wise Commercial Capital will have associates review your credit history and your average monthly volume of credit card transactions. Then, that average volume is used to determine the size of the cash advance you qualify for. After the cash is distributed, your payment is a percentage of your transactions each month, making it flexible and ensuring that the better you do, the faster the advance is repaid.

Benefits of Merchant Account Advances

  • No closing costs
  • No application fees
  • Fast and flexible
  • Repayment is easy
  • No loss of equity in your company
  • Reusable—get up to $200,000 as you need it

If you are ready to start an application, contact us today.