Purchase Order Financing

Expand Your Business With Purchase Order Financing

If you are looking for a way to expand your volume of business smoothly, it can be difficult to figure out what to do next. That’s because expanding your company’s ability to do business means taking on larger orders, which require more labor and more supplies and those costs directly impact your cash flow. So, you have to balance your ambitions against your cash flow management. Or, in the alternative, you can use purchase order financing and take every opportunity available to you to use some of the cash from the invoice before it’s actually paid. In this way, you allow yourself and your business to get work flowing sooner and get to your profits more quickly.

Applying for Purchase Order Advances

When you apply for this kind of advance, Wise Commercial Capital has our associates look over your outstanding purchase orders and your customers’ payment histories to calculate the lump sum that can be made available. Then, when payment comes in, your advance and our fees are subtracted before you get access to the remainder. As a result, you can build the costs of financing directly into your invoices. By approaching it in this manner, you’ll enjoy greater efficiency and be able to reuse the advance whenever you need to finance new purchase orders.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

  • Expand your business by taking every opportunity available to you
  • Get the cash flow needed to ensure on time delivery
  • Fund your new orders easily
  • Access your money to finance your business needs more quickly and more effectively

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